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  • Pen

    Frugalis Agnitio

    Note from Karim: This is my interview with the Director of the Adjective International Endangered Adjective Department. All Adjective International personnel maintain a strict code of frugalis agnitio - rare exposure to and recognition by the public. Accordingly, all A.I. personnel do not reveal their names …

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  • Penciltbl.1

    Frugalis Educare

    The following is a transcript of a conversation between Allan and Karim on Friday, June 22, 2012. Allan: So, what does “educare” mean anyway? Karim: Educare (ed-yoo-car-ay) from the Latin means “to educate, to train, to bring out and to draw out”. A: Draw out …

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  • Brokenpencil

    Breaking Pencils

    Twesigye Jackson Kaguri, becomes decidedly exuberant and affectionate when I mention my former college classmate Allan Schwarz, founder of the Mezimbite Forest Centre: “Ah Allan! He and me are like brothers - we are doing African development work on the same holistic principles. He and …

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  • Nabokov Pencil

    The Awesome Pencil

    About a year ago I was contacted by someone here in Oxford who was responsible for arranging teaching for some young American students from a mid-Western college who were spending a term in Oxford. One of them had decided that she wanted to learn about …

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  • Save The Awesome Logo

    Frugalis Adjectivus

    by (a concerned) Karim I am concerned. We as a people, as a nation, as a world, are no longer being frugal with our adjectives. We no longer embrace the ethic of frugalis adjectivus (the frugal and sparing use of precious adjective resources). This should …

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  • Sketching Colour Pencils

    More Pencil Sketches

    By Anni Wakerley Johannesburg, South Africa Honeydew was, until recently, an agricultural area of smallholdings and farms. It has become more and more built-up in recent years as the population of Johannesburg has increased dramatically. More and more of the open landscape that was Honeydew …

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  • BerolLogo

    Pencil Sketches

    An interview with Johannesburg pencil sketch artist Cathy Gatland Karim: Cathy, I was very intrigued by the sketch series you began a few weeks ago entitled “Salvage Yard” in Honeydew, Johannesburg. As you know, Pencils for Africa is at its core a recycling initiative. We recycle used pencils …

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  • Eco Africa Paper Craft 5

    Frugalis Inventus

    Ex Africa semper aliquid novi* - Gaius Plinius Secundus (aka Pliny the Elder, 23AD to 79AD) Naturalist and Commander of the Roman Empire *There is always something new and imaginative coming out of Africa An interview with Suzanne Joyal, Executive Director of Give a Jumpstart Karim: …

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  • Pencils Large1

    Frugalis Utilis

    by Christopher Chida I will always consider my first trip to Africa, in early 2007, as one of the defining moments in my life. It was not difficult to look past the poverty in Accra, Ghana and see the vibrant culture of industrious and innovative Ghanaians. …

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  • Selva2

    Frugalis Satyagraha

    In the very first article in this pencil series entitled The Pencil, there are two quotes - one from Thoreau and one from Gandhi - which are worth revisiting here: “Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only …

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