What it’s all About

The core value of Pencils for Africa is the human connection: PFA wants used pencils, which human beings on one side of the planet (America, Europe and so on) have already used and then, we want to allow this opportunity for children in Africa as well – like a relay – whereupon they now also use the same pencil. It is the connection of humanity that drives the pencil drive.
– Karim Ajania, Editor-in-Chief, Mezimbite Magazine

Pencils for Africa is a creative approach towards a program that puts pencils in the hands of children and artisans throughout Africa. These pencils are used and donated and given a new life to promote creativity and artistic expression. We at Pencils for Africa believe that the used pencil is not something that should be blindly discarded when it can so easily become the focus of an artists work or the means of an artisan’s sketch.
Through pencil exchanges that come from private donations from around the world, African children and artisans are not only receiving a gift that they can put to creative and artistic use, but they are engaging in something much larger than a pencil drive. Children in Africa will take this resource: one that may be half used, missing an eraser, but is in perfect creative condition, to create and invent something new each time they use it. Pencils for Africa honors the pencil and promotes the creativity that can come from it. This precious resource has many lives ahead, one that will perhaps end in the hands of a child in Africa.