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  • Simplified Pencils

    Simplify, Simplify. In his article entitled The Pencil, Karim includes this quote from pencil-maker Henry David Thoreau: “Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind.” — Henry David …

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  • Chain2

    The Pencil Gift

    Interview of artist Dalton Ghetti by Karim (photos by Sloan Howard) Forward by Olivia Ramsay “The pencil is a gift and a precious resource,” says pencil artist Dalton Ghetti. This is the type of thinking that sparked the mission of Pencils for Africa, where we gather …

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  • The Pencil Tree

    Once upon a borrowed time in the quiet Kandhava Forest by the Yamuna River, there lived a tree who was known by all the other trees as The Pencil Tree. Now – this was a borrowed time, a time borrowed well before History began. This was even before …

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  • Pencils for Africa

    Mez Mag Editor’s Note In the previous article it was noted that conservationists were becoming concerned about the impact of pencil manufacture upon forest conservation. An analysis of this forest impact had been conducted by I asked one of our contributing editors, palaeoecologist Dr. Elinor Breman, if she could …

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  • The Pencil

    The Mezimbite Forest Centre artisans have much in common with the journeymen, carpenters and cabinet makers that pioneered the modern lead pencil. The pencil, with its simplicity and elegance of design, took centuries to refine. It was rarely a luxury, it was mostly a necessity. …

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