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    Reflections on the visit by Annabelle

    These are reflections by the Pencils for Africa Editorial Team after the visit from Annabelle, Co-Founder of School for Life Foundation Nicolas, Editor-in-Chief On October 23rd, 2014, Annabelle Chauncy, came to our Pencils for Africa meeting to inform us about a program that she is currently …

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  • RutendoSSudan1

    Reflections on Rutendo’s Interview

    These are reflections by the Pencils for Africa Editorial Team after reading “Vegan and Glutton Free in South Sudan“, by Rutendo Nicolas, Editor-in-Chief This interview conducted by Pencils for Africa Founder Karim Ajania, is not just a meager interview of questions and answers, this is a …

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  • Vegan and Glutton Free in South Sudan

    Introduction by Karim I first met Rutendo Urenje ten years ago, in 2004, in Harare, Zimbabwe. I was in Zimbabwe as part of an educational program I was beta-testing, called The Brick Project, which was the subject of my doctoral thesis at the Harvard Graduate …

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  • Interview with Olivier Bercault, Human Rights Lawyer and Researcher

    In early 2005, Human Rights Watch investigators traveled to camps along Chad-Sudan border housing refugee men, women and children from Darfur. During interviews with these refugees, Human Rights Watch investigators gave children paper and crayons to keep them occupied while they gathered testimony from the …

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  • Interview with Jackson Kaguri, Pencil Breaker

    by Karim Twesigye Jackson Kaguri goes by his middle name “Jackson” for convenience. Jackson says he owes everything good and positive and productive in his life to his parents’ willingness to buy and to break pencils: “We were five brothers and sisters. My childhood memories are …

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  • Afrikanwriting

    Athena’s Interview with Saki Mafundikwa

    The following interview was prepared by Pencils for Africa’s Deputy Editor, Athena, and was then conducted by the entire Northern California-based editorial team via a Skype conversation with Professor Saki Mafundikwa in Harare, Zimbabwe. Professor Mafundikwa is Founder and Director of Ziva, the first Graphic Design …

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  • Interview with Dalton Ghetti, Pencil Sculpture

    Interview with artist Dalton Ghetti by Karim Ajania (photos by Sloan Howard) Pencil artist and sculpture Dalton M. Ghetti was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil and came to the U.S. in 1985 at age 24. Most of the pencils he uses are found on the …

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    Interview with Henry Petroski, Author of “The Pencil”

    Question from Karim: Henry, could you tell me what you think of the ideas and aspirations in the Pencils for Africa interview with 4th graders Mackenzie and Lucia at the first Pencils for Africa Annual Conference (2012)? Response from Henry: The interview with Mackenzie and …

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  • Jessicadrenk

    Interview with Pencil Sculpture Jessica Drenk

    Below is the Pencils for Africa Editorial Team’s interview account of pencil sculpture Jessica Drenk. Jessica Drenk is a full time sculptor who creates organic styled art work. From growing up in the scenic, outdoorsy state of Montana, she was influenced and inspired to construct …

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  • Interview with Ariane Prin, Pencil Maker

    Written by Karim Ariane Prin graduated in 2011 with a Masters from Royal College of Art (RCA), London. Also in 2011, she was shortlisted for the RCA’s Sustain Award for her “From Here For Here” projects. She has won or been a finalist in numerous design …

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