10 CEO’s


Pencils for Africa nurtures leadership qualities of future policy makers and social entrepreneurs.

Here are the 10 social enterprise chief executive officers (CEOs) that PFA has cultivated to date.

Website links for each CEO can be accessed by clicking upon the bold type beneath each photo.

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Shannon, CEO of Girl Smart Africa


Shannon with mentor Purity, Director of Akili Dada

Shannon is the CEO of Girl Smart Africa.

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Claris, CEO of Slum Library


Claris is the CEO of Slum Library.

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Colin, CEO of Unscramble for Africa


Colin is the CEO of Unscramble for Africa.

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Nicolas, CEO of One Pencil Per Child

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Nicolas with mentor Jackson, Director of Nyaka Schools

Nicolas is the CEO of One Pencil Per Child.

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Carly, CEO, Smart Library Bakes Sales



Carly is the CEO of Smart Library Bake Sales.

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Brenda, CEO of Books for Kenya


Brenda is the CEO of Books for Kenya.

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Jake, CEO of Portfolio CSR


Jake is the CEO of Portfolio CSR.

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Charlie, CEO of Samburu App

Charlie is the CEO of Samburu App.

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Charlotte, CEO of Liberian Librarian


Charlotte is the CEO of Liberian Librarian.

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Moreen, CEO of African Grandmothers


Moreen is the CEO of African Grandmothers.