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    Interview with Henry Petroski, Author of “The Pencil”

    Question from Karim: Henry, could you tell me what you think of the ideas and aspirations in the Pencils for Africa interview with 4th graders Mackenzie and Lucia at the first Pencils for Africa Annual Conference (2012)? Response from Henry: The interview with Mackenzie and …

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  • I Pencil

    Interview with Amanda France, Co-Producer of the “I, Pencil” movie

    “Eloquent. Extraordinary. Timeless. Paradigm-shifting. Classic. Half a century after it first appeared, Leonard Read’s “I, Pencil” still evokes such adjectives of praise. Rightfully so, for this little essay opens eyes and minds among people of all ages. -Lawrence W. Reed, President Foundation for Economic Education Introduction …

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  • P1020463

    Interview with Summerlynn, African Youth Coordinator

    Question from Karim: Summerlynn, can you please tell me about your recent trip to Ghana in which you did drawing projects with school children like Aysha? Aysha is a girl in Accra, the capital of Ghana, who is about 14 years old and goes to …

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  • Pencil Sharp

    Interview with Paul Cadden, Pencil Artist

    The following interview is conducted by the Pencils for Africa Editor-in-Chief Gloria Robinson with London, UK-based pencil artist Paul Cadden, who is represented by Plus One Gallery in London, UK. Gloria: Mr. Cadden, it appears that you are very adventurous in your pencil artwork and you do …

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  • Interview with Mackenzie and Lucia


    Today, Sunday, December 16, 2012, marks the day of the very first Pencils for Africa Annual Conference (PFA 2012) attended by the St. Hilary School in Tiburon, California’s 4th grade students and organized by their teacher, Chyah Weitzman. The conference venue was graciously donated by the …

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  • Interview with Olivier Bercault, Human Rights Lawyer and Researcher

    In early 2005, Human Rights Watch investigators traveled to camps along Chad-Sudan border housing refugee men, women and children from Darfur. During interviews with these refugees, Human Rights Watch investigators gave children paper and crayons to keep them occupied while they gathered testimony from the …

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  • Interview with Mr. Ajania, Co-Founder of Pencils for Africa

    An Interview with Pencils for Africa Co-Founder, Mr. Karim Ajania by Gloria Robinson, Editor-in-Chief It all started in our Art Studio class at the beginning of this year. I came in as a new student entering the 7th grade class at St. Hilary School. During the …

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