Google Presentation for July 23rd, 2014


Google Presentation for July 23rd, 2014

the four presenters for the Google Presentation on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014


Presentation by Nicolas: ONE PENCIL PER CHILD

Nicolas will speak about the One Pencil Per Child program for which he has already prepared a video presentation. Click here to view the video presentation by Nicolas.

The purpose of the One Pencil Per Child program is to promote learning and literacy in African schools, through donations of pencils from pencil companies in the US and in Europe.

One Pencil Per Child will identify those school communities in Africa that have a need for pencils to nurture learning and literacy. In some African communities, 30 children share one pencil between then.

The Global Ambassador of Pencils for Africa, CNN Hero Jackson Kaguri, has committed to helping Pencils for Africa (PFA) source the communities most in need of pencils in Africa. Mr. Kaguri himself, had to attend school in Uganda as a child by sharing one pencil amongst him and his four siblings. Once Mr. Kaguri has sourced the schools in need of pencils in Africa, the PFA team will then contact pencil companies in Europe and America, to donate pencils to these schools.

CNN Hero Jackson Kaguri, Pencils for Africa’s Global Ambassador

CharlottePresentation by Charlotte: KITCHEN TABLE COMMUNITY

Charlotte’s presentation will focus upon the Pencils for Africa Kitchen Table community. Click here to view the PFA Kitchen Table blog.

The idea of the Kitchen Table community is directly inspired by the value and ethic of Ubuntu, which Carly will be presenting. This community extends outward, in growing concentric circles, from the PFA school meetings amongst the Editorial Team and their teacher, Ms. Weitzman, to the PFA parents in the form of home discussions on the kitchen table, to PFA board members around the world.

PFA has begun a series of podcasts and the first one is on the topic of the Kitchen Table community. Click here to listen to this podcast.


Presentation by Colin: UNSCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA

Colin will speak about PFA’s Unscramble for Africa project. The Unscramble for Africa project will shift the paradigm in 2014, from the 100 year old paradigm of the Scramble for Africa in 1914.

From the European Scramble for Africa based upon exploitation, dominance and negative outcomes in 1914, PFA will shift the paradigm positively toward dialogue, understanding and cooperation. The specific methodology by which this positive shift will be implemented, is firstly by identifying schools in European countries that have formerly colonized African countries. Then, schools in those European countries will be matched up with the African schools for the One Pencil Per Child program Nicolas is presenting.

For example, a school in Belgium is matched up with a school in Congo, a school in France with a school in Morocco, a school in Portugal with a school in Angola, a school in Britain with a school in Kenya. Once these schools are matched up, PFA will work with the European schools to contact pencil companies to donate pencils to schools in Africa identified (by Mr. Kaguri) as needing pencils.



Presentation by Carly: UBUNTU

Carly will speak about the African ethic and value of Ubuntu, which is honored and practiced in the format of the Pencils for Africa Kitchen Table community that Charlotte will present.

Ubuntu is about the idea of community and cooperation and creativity. It is also about doing positive and good work to serve your community and about mutual respect and appreciation for everyone’s skills and talents. There is also an emphasis on respect for community elders. Elder wisdom is essential to the Ubuntu ethic.

Ubuntu is the African value the Pencils for Africa Editorial Team practices throughout all activities such as conducting interviews.