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African Ubuntu and Pencils for Africa


The African tradition of Ubuntu is about honoring and cherishing Community.

A core value of Ubuntu, is sacrificing time and effort on behalf of Community.

Ubuntu Community is the value of Giving Community and Caring Community.




Through giving of oneself for the greater good of community wellbeing, the community

is enriched, and expanded, and enlightened. By caring for each other, all are enriched.

Through a willingness to make small and incremental sacrifices, members of an Ubuntu

community gently weave the larger fabric of the wholeness and richness of community.

Sacrificing time, even when it may not always be convenient, and sacrificing effort, even

when it may not always be convenient, integrates and dignifies the Ubuntu Community.

This nurtures an atmosphere of trust and goodwill, because the entire fabric of Ubuntu

Community is woven through the strong strings of selflessness, rather than selfishness.

A good example of this community spirit of making generous sacrifices of time and effort

is found in the spirit of Pencils for Africa (PFA) students, teachers and board members.

Students and teachers sacrifice their Thursday lunchtime to attend PFA meetings, while

PFA board members sacrifice time and effort to nurture and to support the work of PFA.