Moana the Tortoise

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Moana the Tortoise


Moana 2

Moana the Tortoise

Said Ricky to Moana:

“Moana, my family has found a second home for you!

We will take you over to Ms Weitzman’s Art Room.

Will you lettuce?”

Replied Moana to Ricky:

“I don’t have much choice.” 

“Why is that?” asked Ricky.

“Because I am a tortoise.”

“Are you sure you will not retreat deep inside your shell Moana?”

“No, I’m not gonna.”

“So, you want to stay over in Ms Weitzman’s Art Room, Moana?”

“Yes, I really wanna.” 

“You know, Ricky,” mused Moana, “Your name’s kinda like mine.”

“Not really,” replied Ricky, “My name sounds nothing like Moana.”

“Oh yes it does Ricky,” laughed Moana, “‘Cos you’re ma’ owner!”