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  • Grandmother Power 72dpi 2

    Reflections on the work of Paola Gianturco

    The following are reflections by the Pencils for Africa Editorial Team on the work of Paola Gianturco. Lucia: I have had a great experience being introduced to Paola Gianturco. A woman like her who has traveled the world teaming up with kids at Saint Hilary School …

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  • Grandmother Power 72dpi 2

    Interview with Paola Gianturco, Author

    My name is Lucia and I am an Assistant Editor for Pencils for Africa. It is my honor and privilege to interview Paola Gianturco, who is the author of Grandmother Power A Global Phenomenon. Kindly note that most of the wonderful photographs of Africa featured …

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  • KatyD1

    Interview with Katy Digovich, Entrepreneur

      The following interview was conducted by Nicolas on behalf of the Pencils for Africa Editorial Team. Members of the PFA Editorial Team submitted their questions to Nicolas who then sent the collection of questions to Katy on behalf of his team. Here is the interview below: You …

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  • Nyaka Gran1 1

    Paola and Jackson

      Paola and Jackson share their respective experiences for the Pencils for Africa Editorial Team on the power of grandmothers as effective community builders. Jackson: Growing up in rural Uganda in Africa, we all learned so much from grandmothers. We would sit at the fire and …

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  • ConflictZones

    Sarah and Jackson

    The following discussion is between Sarah Dryden-Peterson Assistant Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Jackson Kaguri CNN Hero and the Global Ambassador for Pencils for Africa   Sarah: As an Assistant Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where, incidentally – …

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  • Bluemandriftingsands

    Interview with Hava Hegenbarth, Pencil Artist

    A career as a Foreign Service Officer posted to the African Continent can range from very bland to very colorful. It can range from pleasant and peaceful to dramatic and dangerous. It all depends which African country the foreign service assignment posting is in and what is occurring within …

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  • BerolKarisma

    Interview with Cathy Gatland, Pencil Artist

    An interview with Johannesburg pencil sketch artist Cathy Gatland Karim: Cathy, I was very intrigued by the sketch series you began a few weeks ago entitled “Salvage Yard” in Honeydew, Johannesburg. As you know, Pencils for Africa is at its core a recycling initiative. We recycle used pencils …

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  • Desk

    Interview with Karim

    An interview with Karim Ajania, Founder of Pencils for Africa by Olivia Ramsay, Member of the Advisory Board of Pencils for Africa Forward by Thomas Thwaites, inventor of The Toaster Project. I have always loved the idea of frugalis creativus. It is so true that creativity …

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  • Juniperusproceraberk

    Lucia’s Interview with Dr. Elinor Breman

    This interview was conducted by Pencils for Africa Assistant Editor and team member, Lucia, with palaeocoelogist Dr. Elinor Breman. What is a palaeocoelogist? The Oxford Dictionary definition of palaeoecology (or paleoecology State side) is ‘the ecology of fossil animals and plants’ and a palaeoecologist is someone …

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