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  • Jessicadrenk

    Interview with Pencil Sculpture Jessica Drenk

    Below is the Pencils for Africa Editorial Team’s interview account of pencil sculpture Jessica Drenk. Jessica Drenk is a full time sculptor who creates organic styled art work. From growing up in the scenic, outdoorsy state of Montana, she was influenced and inspired to construct …

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  • 101 Ariane Prin From Here For Here 28

    Interview with Ariane Prin, Pencil Maker

    Karim interview with Ariane Ariane Prin graduated in 2011 with a Masters from Royal College of Art (RCA), London. Also in 2011, she was shortlisted for the RCA’s Sustain Award for her “From Here For Here” projects. She has won or been a finalist in numerous …

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  • I Pencil

    Interview with Amanda France, Co-Producer of the “I, Pencil” movie

    “Eloquent. Extraordinary. Timeless. Paradigm-shifting. Classic. Half a century after it first appeared, Leonard Read’s “I, Pencil” still evokes such adjectives of praise. Rightfully so, for this little essay opens eyes and minds among people of all ages. –Lawrence W. Reed, President Foundation for Economic Education Introduction …

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  • Inspiring Women 2

    Reflections on the interview with Zainab Salbi

    These are reflections by the Pencils for Africa Editorial Team on the Inaugural Interview in the African Peace Journal with Zainab Salbi Gloria, Editor-in-Chief Having a voice is essential in life. No matter if your voice is conveyed from art to music, the fact of messaging …

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  • Katy 2

    Reflections on the visit by Katy Digovich

    These are reflections by the Pencils for Africa Editorial Team on us hosting the visit by Pencils for Africa Board Director, Katy Digovich Nicolas, Editor-in-Chief Katy Digovich is an entrepreneur who worked in Southern Africa. She is the creator of the non- profit organization PING, which …

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  • Pencilpaint

    Interview with Pierre Guidetti, Artist and Entrepreneur

    Bonjour Pencils for Africa Readers! My name is Blanche and I am a 7th grade student at Saint Hilary School. I have been in California for one year now and my family is from Bordeaux, France. I wish to thank Monsieur Pierre Guidetti for this interview …

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  • Alison Nicholls Sketching In Botswana

    Interview with Alison Nicholls: An Artist Inspired by Africa

      Hello All You Pencils for Africa Readers!! My name is Chelsea and I am an Assistant Editor of this Pencils for Africa website. The following is my interview with Alison Nicholls, an artist inspired by Africa, whose paintings on wildlife are breathtaking!   What was your …

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  • Artisanl

    Interview with David Rees, Artisanal Pencil Sharpener

    You can sharpen a pencil without a pencil sharpener, but you can’t sharpen a pencil without a pencil. — David Rees, Artisanal Pencil Sharpener Hello All You PFA Readers!! We are Colin and Nicolas, Assistant Editors of PFA (Pencils for Africa). We are interviewing David Rees, …

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  • SA

    Interview with Olivia Ramsay, Dance Teacher

    Hello All You PFA Readers!! We are Charlotte and Carly, Assistant Editors of PFA (Pencils for Africa). We are interviewing Olivia Ramsay. Olivia is a ballet dance teacher here in California who has also taught ballet dance over in Cape Town, South Africa. Do you speak …

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  • Forest

    Interview with Dr. Shepherd Urenje, Environmental Scientist

        The following interview with Environmental Scientist Dr. Shepherd Urenje, was conducted by Mackenzie, an Assistant Editor of the Pencils for Africa Editorial Team. During this interview, Dr. Urenje was based in Sweden and Mackenzie in California. Here is Mackenzie’s first question to Dr. Shepherd Urenje who …

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