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  • Yema3

    Thank You Mr. Yema Khalif !

    Dear Mr. Khalif On behalf of Ms.Weitzman, Mr.Ajana, and the student body of PFA, we wanted to reiterate our thanks to you. Thank you for giving an interesting and great presentation to the students. The presentation has sparked some questions and thoughts which some of the PFA team …

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  • Testing

    The story of Pencils for Africa

    Origins As we enter the autumn of 2015, Pencils for Africa will have been in operation for over 3 years and is now entering its 4th year of operation. Pencils for Africa (PFA) began earnestly in February of 2012 with a group of 4th grade …

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  • PG News 2

    Paola inducted into Marin Women’s Hall of Fame

    Paola Gianturco inducted into Marin Women’s Hall of Fame The PFA Team says “Congratulations Ms. Gianturco!!” (Left to Right) PFA Editors Ella, Charlotte, Carly and Lucia To read the full article about our friend Paola kindly click here

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  • WIS Woodaker

    PFA is an Education Eco System

    PFA is an Education Eco System About a year ago, I was invited to speak at an international educational conference at Stanford University, about PFA’s emphasis on creating young global leaders. The conference was attended by schoolteachers and school administrators from around the world, including Finland, …

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  • Mo2 Photo 2

    Moana the Tortoise

      Moana the Tortoise … Said Ricky to Moana: “Moana, my family has found a second home for you! We will take you over to Ms Weitzman’s Art Room. Will you lettuce?” Replied Moana to Ricky: “I don’t have much choice.”  “Why is that?” asked Ricky. “Because I …

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  • WorldWater

    Lucia’s presentation to the United Nations on World Water Day, 2016

    Lucia-Water.MP4 from Pencils for Africa on Vimeo.

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  • Bullock 2

    Jake’s video presentation as the CEO of Portfolio CSR

    Jake, the CEO of Portfolio CSR, presents the vital role of Corporate Social Responsibility in contributing toward the continued success of Portfolio PFA fundraisers for nonprofits in Africa. Jake-P-CSR from Pencils for Africa on Vimeo.

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  • Tib1

    Honoring and Celebrating Ms Weitzman

    On Wednesday, May 18th, 2016, Ms. Chyah Weitzman was honored and celebrated by both the Tiburon Town Council as well as the Tiburon Heritage & Arts Commission. Ms. Weitzman received the prestigious Heritage & Arts Educator Award for 2016             [Thank you Paola and Sarah …

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  • Rutendo2

    Hello from Rutendo!

    Below is a video greeting from Rutendo Urenje to the Pencils for Africa Team. Rutendo is Managing Editor of African Peace Journal and is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Click here to read the PFA Team’s reflections on Rutendo’s work in South Sudan.

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  • Chyahsam1

    The Baby Elephant Walk

    In November of 2013, Pencils for Africa teacher and mentor Chyah Weitzman (picture above) visited an elephant sanctuary in the Samburu in Kenya. Here is a clip of a video by Ms Weitzman of parent and baby elephants playfully enjoying wallowing in a mud bath after …

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