About PFA


About Pencils for Africa

Pencils for Africa (PFA) is a school program that explores community and culture in Africa.

Google Presentation

On July 23rd, 2014, PFA Editorial Team representatives, gave a presentation on their work at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. Click here for the Google Presentation.

Board of Directors Presentation

Former PFA Editor-in-Chief Nicolas presented the pioneering initiative of the One Pencil Per Child program to the worldwide PFA Board of Directors. Click here for the Board Presentation.

Letter to President Barack Obama

Former PFA Editor-in-Chief Nicolas, on behalf of the entire PFA Editorial Team, wrote a letter to President Barack Obama. Click here to view Nicolas’ letter to the President.

Related and Connected Websites

The Google Presentation focused upon 3 specific initiatives by the Pencils for Africa Team:

a. Kitchen Table Ubuntu initiative

b. One Pencil Per Child initiative

c. Unscramble for Africa initiative

This PFA website has now evolved into an “umbrella website” connected and related to the three initiatives which the PFA Team first presented at Google, as well as “Strategic Alliance Websites” that continue to develop in content and in activity as the program expands in range and in scope.

PFA has strategic alliances with the following symbiotic websites synergetic with the journalistic, humanitarian, economic, environmental, community and cultural dimensions of Pencils for Africa:

1. African Kitchen Table (click here to view this website)

2. One Pencil Per Child (click here to view this website)

3. Unscramble for Africa (click here to view this website)

4. PFA Film Festival (click here to view this website)

5. Samburu App (click here to view this website)

6. What is Smart (click here to view this website)

7. African Peace Journal (click here to view this website)

8. Ubuntu Room (click here to view this website)

9. Young Journalist Program (click here to view this website)

10. Portfolio PFA (click here to view this website)

11. Portfolio CSR (click here to view this website)

12. Junior PFA (click here to view this website)

13. African Grandmothers (click here to view this website)

14. Girl Smart Africa (click here to view this website)

15. Letters to Africa (click here to view this website)

16. Molly to Molly (click here to view this website)

17. Slum Library (click here to view this website)

18. Liberian Librarian (click here to view this website)

19. Books for Kenya (click here to view this website)

20. 10 CEO’s (click here to view this website)

21. Two Gates to Africa (click here to view this website)